Unable to import old wallet

You seem to be making this much more difficult than it has to be. You don’t need to use the command line or .Appimage files to recover funds from an old Zcash4win wallet.

You have a very unusual operating environment (nobody really uses .Appimage) and a extremely old piece of software, zcash4win has been abandoned for years.

If your goal is to recover the Zcash from Zcash4win then the easiest way to do that is:

  1. Use a PC with Windows
  2. Get the wallet.dat file from your Zcash4win backup folders
  3. Download ZecWallet Fullnode for Windows and let it sync 100% (use the "fast sync option)
  4. Replace the ZecWallet wallet.dat file with the Zcash4win wallet.dat
  5. Use ZecWallet “rescan” option

That’s it, after the rescan your ZEC should show up and you can send the ZEC to any wallet on any operating system you prefer to use.

Glad to see such a response.

Oh Mega, I can’t complete the data block synchronization using windows-ZecWallet , it always synchronizes to about 50 and an error occurs, prompting to view the huge log.

How much RAM are you giving the machine that is running ZecWallet? Sync in Zcash can fail if it runs out of memory, give at least 6GB RAM to be safe.

Zcash has a mysterious error, I will try more than 6g of memory.

Waiting for my result

The data block is only about 10GB,

Why I synced about 16% but spent more than 50GB of data traffic

It took me two days to synchronize the data, and it took about 80GB of data in total. This is abnormal

The strange thing is that this time I didn’t get any errors under windows

After I replaced the file, running ZecWallet gave the same error as in the past.
How to run rescan under windows-ZecWallet

I restored the original .dat file and ran ZecWallet and there was also an error.

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Ok, so you let ZecWallet sync 100%,
Stop ZecWallet.
Replace wallet.dat
Restart ZecWallet with -rescan

If that doesn’t work and you get a corruption error:

Try restart with -reindex

Autotunafish provided the answer I needed.

I never thought that a simple wallet would have docs

Can anyone tell me why I synchronize about 10GB of data blocks,
Consume about 80GB of data traffic?

Consuming so much traffic in a day will be noticed by ISPs and they will cut off the network.

Navigating the sites looking for docs (not just Zcash stuff) can be tricky. Why the high traffic I don’t know, win10 has a built in packet monitor at C:\Windows\system32\pktmon.exe
and I don’t actually know if it’ll help