Undead Space Cash (XSC)

I came across this currency which is one of the coolest ones ive ever seen. It is called hyperspace/space cash. I love zcash but i found it this year. Space cash i also have found this year

Right now space cash seems like it is dead the website is down and such. But you can still download the clients and use the program

Id love to see this resurrected and actually used. It is available on cpatex and that is the only exchange i know of

You can access the program from github:

Love to talk about it with u guys and hear thoughts. It is no zcash, it does not have fungibility. But it reminds me of zcash and gives me feels i never even got with bitcoin; who doesnt want space cash?

The telegram they have is here

If anyone makes a wallet that synchronizes, post a picture here and ill send u 100000 space cashes

Space cash/hyperspace is a dead coin. Site is down and no developer activity since 2019, I’m not sure what this has to do with Zcash?

Are you hoping someone will use the old code to add private decentralized storage to Zcash?

Im wondering a lot if anyone is able to get a windows or linux version of this wallet to synchronize with the network

I can buy coin on exchange but ur right there is no community and its only indirectly related to zcash; i wanted to post in uncategorized but it felt weird

Its a cryptocurrency, and lets be honest most people will have heard it from zcash forums first. A lack of a community means that the people here could benefit from it, if it isnt impossible to use.

I am currently mining this coin

Decentralized storage added to zcash would just be putting pgp and bittorrent together and putting it into the client

The best currency does not need fluff in my opinion i think zcash is the best because if u want to buy a broke watch in a dark alley u dont want ur friends to know u bought a broken watch

I do not really care about the storage of space cash, just that its space cash man. It is cool as heck that u can put stuff in hyperspace too if ur into that

So it like actual space!? Like the final frontier because I love Star Trek, is hyperspace mean faster than light speed bank? How many light years away does the money go?

Haha i dont know but if i was in space i feel like space cash is what id want i am surprised elon bought so much bitcoins at 27 per million it makes him kind of a genius but at the same time he could have paid this guy and had space cash

All the same no reason a living blockchain has to die

It needs some development done to it 42 doesnt even work

Well yeah you certainly wouldn’t want something called “high-gravity cash” or “decaying orbit coin” that would be silly.

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We will call this an internet mystery

Sia coin and space cash same acronym same mining algorithm at first. Sia changes the algo and they cant mine anymore i know this because i have the new miners so this article has it wrong. After that sia controls all miners they add a block to give all sia holders 10x the xsc. This destroyed the value of xsc at the time.

It can still be used. But if it will be it will be far from now and the sia team will have control of it. The team who worked on it cannot be contacted in any way from what i see.

Are the developers dead guys, did sia accidentally kill a team of developers literally, or are they just ghosting the internet?

I am still mining it for fun. I want to contact the developers. Their creation is worlds above sia in terms of appeal.

I asked the nebulous if the developers died there is still no reply

It feels like a mystery about a tragedy that happened or like theyre covering up the coolest space money and i cannot tell which