Very Little volume priced under 1 BTC

Just checking out Bittrex.

Not seeing much volume on exchanges, at least volume under 1 BTC.
Don’t you find that interesting, say - for a about 10-20 Zec one could reset the price to 1 BTC…

How many exchanges are there?

I played a game for about thirty minutes buying and selling near the point where the buy orders and sell orders matched.
It’s more fun than world of warcraft… but that’s not saying much.

Goof around on an exchange with some of your mining income. I’ve you’ve never tried it - I recommend doing it. It’s fascinating.

I used to do this in the auction houses in World of Warcraft and SWTOR… I wonder how it works in Bitcoin land.
ALAS I’m a poor boy.

I would say that there is a fair bit of pressure near the 0.65 BTC - I saw several multicoin buy orders at this point.
Do you think this coin has hit bottom for the week?

I think if enough people were really into playing a game we could get some decent upward pressure. Direct the currency and make a good rebound.

The stakes are your future mining income.

Check Polo. It would cost you ~600 ZEC to get to 1 BTC atm.

It just shows 1 zec ~0.6 BTC that’s mean you need ~1.4 ZEC for 1 BTC not 600 ZEC.

You can check 353.9 ZEC - RatesBTC how many zec you need to get 1 BTC.

There buy side of the orderbook had 600 worth of BTC to get the ZEC price upp to 1 BTC.

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What I meant, I was looking at the buy and sell orders on the market, and the Stack of sell orders under 1 BTC was very thin - relative to the stack of Sell orders above 1 BTC.

If someone wanted to FIX the price of ZEC at this point - ABOVE 1 BTC - and had the resources to do so, it may be possible. And possibly profitable in the short term.

I do not believe that a market - free or otherwise dictates price. Supply and Demand is controlled to produce something at a price point. Someone wealthy could dictate the price - A Cartel if you would imagine it.

I see, Polo- WAY more ACTION on ZEC. Interesting. So - Will not work.
300 BTC - To temporarily fix a coin and screw with pricing values.
As much fun as it is to screw with Margin Traders, is it worth it?