Waterhole Zcash pool 1% fee / high lucky rate. More payout! TLS/SSL

Thanks. Updated 0.001 in home page.

Looking good so far!
Claymore v8 at -i 5 and Nheqminer v4

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well might be lucky. unsure if this will produce anymore coin for me the difficulty is too high. unless this can produce over 0.06 zcash I am switching back

var diff , it ok for you. I think you should give more time to this pool :slight_smile:


today I should know how much I am going earn. so far it is about 0.04 started mining at 4 am pst paid me at 8 pm pst. I think it hash maxed out on hash not going up anymore.

Please give a 3 whole day test the result, you can see big miners are moving to us :slight_smile:

Thanks for your supporting

just switch to your pool, total hash rate 8700 H/s, hope to earn more than flypool

These days some big miners switch to us for more payout

looks like it might payout more will know more tomorrow

testing it out…my DIFF is at 9200>10240 and climbing with about 800sol/s, sound right?

Looks correct. Just be patient to mine for days.
You will see results.

Thanks for your supporting.

Thanks. Miner reports I have 203 shares, but site reporting 4096.

That’s too much variance… We display 1 hour shared submitted. The local miner should show shares after reconnection (e.g., between dev fee mining rounds).

VarDiff should weigh on the shares based on job difficulty. Thanks

I don’t see how I could have 5K shares in an hour with the difficulty up to 39K

How can I change the payout amount? I want it @ 0.003 ZEC