Ways to Increase Rig Profitability?

I was trying to think of ways to increase rig profitability.The way I decided to try was to use a website named earn.gg to cycle ads (no I’m not sponsored). I just open that website and run both ad types on my rigs and it pulls about 3 bucks (give or take) a day. It doesn’t decrease my mining profitability any. You can withdraw in paypal or ETH and then from ETH you can Shapeshift it into ZEC. If you guys wanna try this out it works pretty well. You can sign up with my referral code if you feel like being generous :smiley:

I found this to be a better use of CPU power rather than CPU mining.

What ways have you found to increase rig profitability other than the simple OC’ing. I was really trying to think outside the box with this method. Have you guys found any cool/interesting ways to tack on a few extra bucks onto earnings? Even if its a buck a day I find it as worth doing to help decrease ROI time. If you guys have any opinions on my method feel free to comment them. My feelings wont get hurt if they are negative opinions, any bit of conversation is welcome! :smiley:

Do you actually watch the videos or just let them run?

What I am curious about is what do miners with Nvidia cards do after crypto is not very profitable because of ASIC dominance? I may need to make a separate thread on this since it doesn’t directly tie in with your topic. Can we process deep learning/AI work?

There are certain cpu only jobs for bionic which is usually for some kind of scientific research purpose

There are other algorithms that use GPU. Also, nVidia can still mine other coins like Monero and Etherium, they are just not as efficient as AMD at some of those. They are still profitable though.

GridCoin mining is based on bionic :slight_smile:

No you dont watch them, just let them run. :smiley:
Every now and then it will pop up “are you still watching” and you just click “yeah” or what ever and they will continue to play ads. That doesnt pop up too often so its pretty much just AFK. Thats why I believe this could be perfect for rig use. Just throw it up on one or two of your rigs and every now and then just check in to make sure its still running.
I earned about 2.5 in just under a day… then I went under the “roll” tab to try to make some extra bucks by gambling… I may have lost all two dollars :joy:
Don’t gamble folks

In a sense we are all gambling aren’t we? :grin:

You know thats very true… :thinking:
Still I’d recommend not to do the roll game. They always win :joy:
I’ve lost over 40 dollars before when I use to use it a while back :grimacing:
(I know thats not a lot but I’m a poor college student lol)

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