We are delighted to introduce our new Instant & account-less privacy coin exchange – BitConvert.app

Instant & account-less privacy coin exchange

While Bitcoin is only pseudonymous, privacy coins like ZCash and Monero serve much better for the purpose of protecting one’s privacy while doing transactions with cryptocurrencies. We hope to promote the usage of privacy coins and believe that everyone should have easy access to holding privacy coins. Therefore, we have launched BitConvert. See the article about us on CoinTelegraph at https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-exchange-emphasizes-privacy-by-offering-coin-conversions-without-an-account

You can now exchange between BTC and ZEC instantly on our platform without the need to register an account. In the future, we plan to add ETH and XMR to our trading pairs. In order to fully protect your privacy, we do not require you to create an account before trading and we do not collect any personal information of you as well (we do not record the IP you use to access our website). We promise these features will NOT be changed so long as our platform is operating.

Come to BitConvert and start exchanging between BTC and ZEC easily!

Just make sure you read the fine print