What is this : Miner Machine

Looking at the worker.

It's a large farm or rented hash. Isn't that fairly obvious? Was your post intended to be a rhetorical question?

look at the active worker : 2
what is the machine ?

I can have as many rigs as I want and have them all provide the same (or 2) worker names. It's totally arbitrary how a miner chooses to organize their rigs by worker name. It's just a parameter on the command line when you start the miner running. In short, it means nothing, other than to the miner. A large fram will hve their own internal stats and health monitoring in place. All they care about is payouts.

as you know, we are using GPU(or CPU) to miner; it will be just 100H/s ~2000H/s according to machine. I think above machine is special : just like lots chip in one board?
just like Bitcoin Professional Mining Machine.

I would disagree. The Equihash algorithm is ASIC resistant, and the devs have stated that if ASICs did come out for the current Equihash parameters, they would change them to make it too hard for ASCs, again. I'm not sure why you have an easier time thinking there's some wunder mining machine for ZEC, rather than someone who has made a pile of money in crypto deciding to build a large GPU-based farm, and choosing to use 2 worker names for the whole farm (which could be split over two locations or more).

if I build a GPU farm, first thing: how to manage those machine..
so , you should group them,
if you just named them 2 name , how did you know which worker is down or something else,
it is common sense.

How about hostname and associated IP address? They are all on a network; they must have unique host names. I'm guessing you don't actually have much experience with managing large numbers of systems?

yes, just a fresh in the field. and I am on the way to buy GPU to mining.
thank you dlehenky.

You're welcome. Have a great day!

can you help to check this one: http://zcash.flypool.org/miners/t1PCptfdfuqpMNjURANtmmNdGt4mUa1NstE

That is www.nicehash.com

Everyone can get so much hashpower, it is not hard.