What to Expect With 4x AMD Radeon RX470?

Hi guys,

I want to build a rig with four AMD Radeon RX470 Asus 4GB DDR5, DVI/DP/256bit/STRIX-RX470-O4G-GAMING

That’s the cheapest RX470 I can find. What h/s I can expect with it?

With new miner that came to life yesterday, you should be getting around 100-120 sol/s with each card.

If you overclock them well, you can maybe even expect 500 sol/s of total power.

But Most likely you will be getting around 450 sol/s.

What new miner? I need to get on that. Did claymore update or is this silent army?

This miner.
It sadly works only on Linux and no cuda support.

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Okay, thanks. Gotta fix my Linux distro, can’t even get the drivers on it.

Much better than I expected. Thanks!

Don’t buy those ASUS Strix, they suck. You can’t properly undervolt them even.

Get anything other than ASUS.

I am running fine on 3 Sapphire RX470 Nitro+ 4GB cards with Optiminer right now.
VBIOS of the cards is modified. Yields about 120 Sol/s per card. Propablx 125 - 130 Sol/s with some OC and finetune.

What about:

  • VGA Ati Gigabyte GV-RX470G1 GAMING-4GD
  • asus-radeon-rx-470-4gb-gddr5-256bit-strix-rx470-o4g
  • AMD Radeon RX470 Gigabyte 4GB GDDR5

Which one is the best?

Last one doesnt have a brand
Middle is the bad Asus strix one

First one is best

The full name of the last one:

AMD Radeon RX470 Gigabyte 4GB GDDR5, PCI-e HDMI/3xDP/DVI-D/256bit/GV-RX470G1

First and last are the same. Gigabyte, MSI, Sapphire are all good.

Okay, then I’ll get VGA Ati Gigabyte GV-RX470G1 GAMING-4GD. Thanks!

~460 H/s with latest Claymore

With ~460 H/s, 0.07/kW and current market conditions my profit should be $10-$12 a day, right?

$13.64 without paying for power

so why is the internet full of people who’re screaming that mining anything isn’t profitable anymore?

Because you have to set the payment address straight to an exchange and dump as fast as possible. If the price decreases just a bit your profitability goes down the drain, or if hashrate increases a small %.

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Still it’s hard to find any investment where you can back your money in 3-6 months. Any investment which returns in 5 years is considered very good.

Not sure If I’m missing something, but mining seems to me super profitable.

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If you mine and HODL for 6-24 months

Mining BTC at the start was profitable
Mining LTC at the start was profitable
Mining DRK (now DASH) at the start was profitable
Mining XMR at the start was profitable
Mining ETH at the start was profitable

Too lazy to do the math but it was very profitable :smiling_imp:

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