What to put in msi afterburner for 280x?

i have modem bios but what to put as clocs etc in msi afterburner?

core clock and memory clock what should i set?

I use 1050 for voltage, 1050 for core clock and 1500 for memory. (Stock bios) If you find something that works better let me know. Oh yeah, +20 for power limit. Fan speed auto

so thats pretty standart just 1050 instead of 1020. how many sols does this change add ?

i got better results downclocking it to:

gpu clock 970
memclock 1600
volt to 975

also runing on modded bios by following this guide

hopes this helps out a bit
i have the 280x from asus and with this modded bios the card runs at the speeds i just told you so dont need to adjust the speeds in my case at least
getting 110 sol’s to 120 sol’s on each card and on stock bios it was only going from 80 to 95.

okay testign this, thanx :wink:

It really runs at that speed at 970core? I must try it.

With the moded bios it runs at these speeds without i ever have to set anything in afterburner or trixxx.

You set 970core in VBE7? Because I put 1070 as the default in that BIOS you got and if you underclock in MSI afterbruern it won’t actually apply it.

which bios did you download for 280x?

would you pass me bios for 280x? the one in thread - GB_280x_ELPIDA_FIPS1992.rom
didnt make my speeds better at all. im on shaphire dual x 280x elpida.

Dont have bios for that GPU, you need to manually edit the BIOS with Hex editor. Make sure to use the 2nd ELIPDA BIOS I posted which is faster.

i was lucky for my card there was a moded bios of the 280x from asus dont know what card you have but i did not have to do mush just got my modded bios from the link i send above from bitcointalk

would you want to check my bios? its a popular card amongst “oldschoolers” since it was the best in 2013/14 to mine x11 ;x

would you mod 280x elpedia thaiti bios? 280x dual card to be exact. i can give you he bios

I already modded Gigabyte 280x elipda, check my thread.

I also posted the timings so you can mod them manually.

that 280x elipda works worse than… usual thaiti. possibly for 280x dual theres somethign else needed.

i have already tried your bios yesterday

have a look: http://fuk.io/1bios

What GPU is that and what memory do you have

280x Shapphire Dual - http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetial.asp?pid=C4D1B443-6105-4A63-85DE-1732CC9C443D&lang=eng


Hynix or Elpida mem?