What Upgrade Paths Do Wallets Follow?

@adityapk00 how is zecwallet upgraded? What about NightHawk and Unstoppable? Are those wallet developers reading this?

If I installed zecwallet on my android device when the version was 1.0.1… how do I upgrade it? Is it supposed to auto-upgrade with the right settings on my phone? Where are the docs on this?

I see the current version on github is 1.4.1. What version should I expect to see on my phone?

This post:

provides a good example of how keeping the wallet version updated can be critically important. Is this already under active discussion somewhere?

If you installed the app via the Play Store or Apple store, the app will be upgraded automatically (i.e., Play/Apple store keeps the apps updated if your phone’s settings allow it, which they do by default)

If you installed the APK directly, then you are responsible for upgrading the app (i.e., downloading the latest APK and installing it).

Is version of the app on my phone, which I downloaded from the app store, supposed to be the same as the latest release on github? (I.E. 1.4.1?)

My phone currently shows 1.2.1, I will double check my phone settings to see if I disallowed auto-updates, somewhere.

Note that the version numbers are different for the desktop app and mobile apps. The desktop app is v1.4.1 while the Mobile app is at v1.2.1

Perhaps I should make the version numbers the same across all apps?


Aha! I got confused, because I saw the 1.4.1 on github… and assumed that that release number was relevant to my phone.

I am not sure what policy you should have. I am sure that I was confused by the difference.

Yeah… soo… all other things being equal I guess I would like the version numbers to match.

Also… in the “Rescan” sub-menu, I found the typo:

“shileded address”… but my grep -rs failed to find shileded in the repos (except one instance in a comment in zecwallet-lite-cli “lib/src/commands.rs”.

For Nighthawk Wallet, yes, having auto-update turned on under App Store settings and Play Store settings will help being up to date with the releases.

Additionally, we are working towards getting the app on the F-droid Store and that too has a notification setting to receive app-updates.