Zecwallet 1.7.8 old consensus branch error - lost funds

so I had my funds on zecwallet lite 1.7.8 on my android smartphone, I synced, no errors, I sent certain round amount of coins to exchange t address, and I got error saying that I’m using old consensus branch, my coin amount was the same after the error, I figured it’s time to update my wallet, I uninstalled 1.7.8 version and installed 1.7.12 version, recovered wallet using seed phrase and as it seems funds are lost somewhere, I cant even see incoming and outgoing transaction of those coins that I had in 1.7.8 version… are they on old branch? since that amount I sent is deducted from my current amount.

any help would be appreciated.

also I tried installing old version of zecwallet to try to discover my funds on old branch or something, but I couldn’t install any old version of zecwallet, phone just says app not installed…

Zecwallet Lite is no longer functioning. Check in Nighthawk and/or YWallet.

@agent007 If you use an old consensus branch id, your transaction will NOT be mined. You can recover your funds by importing your private keys into another wallet.

how do I export private keys on android smartphone, app doesn’t seem to have that option of any sort.
or should I use recovery phrase on linux/win machine and from there export them ? can you elaborate a bit?

From ZecWallet Lite on mobile, you should be able to go to > Receive on the right, then click the three dots in the top right and go to “Export Private key”.

Try importing that private key, or your seed phrase, into a working wallet.


Looks like ZWL zip 212 bug

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