What wallet that i can import my private key beside zecwallet

What wallet that i can import my private key beside zecwallet. My fund stuck on another address on my zecwallet. I cant just use seed phrase because my balance not show and just appear the first wallet address. I cant do transaction with zecwallet. Is a developer run away or what??

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All wallets that support shielded transactions are faced with the need to adapt the code to the new update, The fact that some infrastructure failures have occurred is quite expected. Currently, you may use Nighthawk wallet. At least I haven’t heard of any problems. You may also use the desktop ZecWallet. In any case, I know that any available version will restore its functionality in the near future. Fortunately, all wallets have full SEED-phrase compatibility, including hardware wallets (for a transparent address tree).

Where feature in nighthawk wallet that can import private key? Not seed phrase. Desktop zecwallet failed to syncing import my z address private key

This wallet does not have this function. Before that, I had only heard about problems in the light versions.

I believe that the https://zecwallet.co/ version depends on a fork of librustzcash that doesn’t support V5 transactions.

We have a working development version here, for folks who are comfortable building their own software:

The code is on the dev branch. The most important difference from the zecwalletco version is that it depends on the ECC version of librustzcash.

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The OP issue was solved in another thread but since you mention desktop wallets, let me also say that ywallet runs on desktop and supports nu 5.



Yess ywallet saved me!! Best wallet to face NU5 this is should be standard wallet for zcash user.