Is Zecwallet is Actively Maintained?

According to this message

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In this context “hacking” means “working on the code,” not “compromising the security.”


I cant do any transaction with this wallet. So how i solve this problem without install fullnode wallet?

@tokidoki this is a misleading topic


Do you have your seed words? Cant you just throw them into Nighthawk Wallet?

I have multiple wallet address on same seed phrase. I cant import private key on nighthawk. How to import private key on nighthawk??

You cant

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YWallet 1.2.5. supports NU-5 and runs on mobile + desktops.



@Notime If you are new to Zcash: Ywallet supports both Zcash and Ycash (a Zcash fork). Make sure you choose “Zcash” during account creation if you want to use Ywallet for Zcash.

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can Ywallet retrieve an account based on the seed phrase?

No its not

Yes, seed phrase, secret keys and viewing keys are accepted

Where the button?? screenshot??

After i install from playstore its not show any option to choose zec or yec

Have you read these documentation pages?

Wow amazing this wallet can import z private key. Should i scan from the beginning or not?? My balance not yet apear. Thanx

Rescan from the beginning or any date you want

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Is balance appear after scan complete?

You are my hero. Thank you so much.

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