What's next? ZEC and ETH mining dying slowly

Zcash is going to be not so profitable soon, ETH will become PoS… So what’s next to mine?

hopefully ETC, ETC is also more profitable than ZEC now,
Expanse(EXP) is also more profitable and soon LBC LBRY will be more profitable and looks like eventually ZEC compititor Monero will be more profitable…

I guess Monero has first to market advantage over ZCash…

ETC is a scam with no real development or usage other than speculation.

doesnt matter as long as its profitable to mine
i would mine ETC over ZEC if i can sell ETC and buy more BTC than if I mine ZEC and try to sell it for BTC

its not like i am going to hold ETC or ZEC, I will trade them for real coins like BTC or ETH
that has been my outlook from day 1

the funders can look forward to getting their 20% back from cloud miners soon enough
Im not paying in to them if I can mine anything more profitable

If they can keep ZEC more profitable… they will pay off their investment faster… if they can’t … they might loose on their investment

doesnt matter to me cause Im not invested in ZEC

most of us here are miners, we don’t care what we mine, we just care that our hardware is getting paid off as soon as possible…ZEC helped for about a week… im already back to mining ETH

XMR also had price drop, it was good few month ago for a little time, now it’s just covering electricity expenses, it’s not interesting I think, no drama…

price has been rising again, and more interest since ZEC’s fall from BTC grace… will be interesting to watch over the next month as ZEC falls more and more with large block rewards and greaater supply

atleast Monero is consistant in block rewards for now