Whats your cooling solution?

I’m trying to find the best way to cool not only my rig but my room. In the winter time this was no problem. Kept my room nice and toasty! Well… now its getting 85F+ in there with the AC going. I was thinking about putting them in a grow tent but I’m not sure because then I’ll have to vent it out the window… not sure if my landlord would like that lol. What methods do you guys use to keep your room cool? I’m sure most people don’t have their rigs in their living room but any recommendations are welcome. Thanks!

i just made a “bed” of fans or dissipators 2x2 extract and the other 2x2 blows.

I just picked up a… almost like a closet but its made of cloth and put my rigs in it and cut 2 spots for box fans and put them behind the rigs blowing air through them. Then I cut 3 spots for vent holes at the top and vent it right out the window. A lot cooler!

Evaporative coolers.

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Now I’m not too familiar with this so I did a quick google search. It sounds like blowing humid air on the rigs, is this correct?

I just moved to a new place with a cold basement . Rig is running max oc and the fans at 50% without any extra fans. Cards run about 47c. They sit below a window open to outside. Of course it is still winter here and outside temp is 2c. We shall see what happens in summer at 40c😎

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I try to have my window open too but once summer hits its going to be brutal :joy: I have lots of older amd r9 cards so… they arent the most efficient