When can I expect to get any coins?

I started playing around with zcash a day ago. I have everything set up right(as far as I know) and have been mining for about 2 hours, I have validated 30,300 transaction, have a sol/s average of 3.9, and have completed 16,675 equihash. I still haven’t seen a drop in the bucket, so I was wondering if I should see anything by now?

Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like you’re mining solo. If you want to see some Zcash anytime soon, you should join a pool. At this point it’s your 4sol/s vs something 7.5million sol/s network wide. Those odds aren’t good.

I’ve had a good experience with the zmine pool, prompt, reliable and friendly. Should see a block about every other day depending on the ebb and flow of things. Larger pools will have more frequent blocks won, but your share of it will be smaller. In the end, it’s even no matter where you go, so I recommend smaller pools for the health of the network and service and support.

Thanks for the heads up. I have been looking into pools, and I like http://zcash.flypool.org/ but can’t get my machine to join.

Flypool have there all instructions you need to join their pool. Just need to download specified miner for your OS and start mining in 2 minutes.

Check zec.suprnova.cc and click on help, then getting started and you should fine everything you need to get started

I followed the instructions but when I put in the command it just says something about a directory.

Full examples

./nheqminer -l eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1cX6oqQY1wd8FQCyW9YJyRSh3Qyt3Ymetm.rig1

Is because you are in the wrong directory . Use “ls -al” without “” to see where are you when you open terminal . You should be inside the nheqminer folder to start it.

After I open the terminal, I use cd nheqmier, then I try to use the command and it just tells me that ./nheqminer is a directory.

then cd to that directory and execute command inside it.

cd nheqminer

./nheqminer -l eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1NF6yLUxAAttibU8mzfX86o8aWLcqF38DX.rig1

That’s what I have been doing.

"open terminal.

cd nheqminer

./nheqminer -l eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1cX6oqQY1wd8FQCyW9YJyRSh3Qyt3Ymetm.rig1"

but it just says " bash: ./nheqminer: is a directory."

Then cd again nheqminer and after again . It might be double directory created nheqminer
./nheqminer -l eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1NF6yLUxAAttibU8mzfX86o8aWLcqF38DX.rig1

  1. cd nheqminer
  2. cd nheqminer
  3. ./nheqminer -l eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u t1NF6yLUxAAttibU8mzfX86o8aWLcqF38DX.rig1

Use also
ls -al

see what files are inside to see if you are in correct directory.

If error say is a directory then enter again in it it is sure a directory. and then after all execute that command.

Yes i saw pictures. I think you did not used all building instructions and thatswhy that file is not there.

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04) Build CPU_XENONCAT:

Open terminal and run the following commands:
sudo apt-get install cmake build-essential libboost-all-dev
git clone -b Linux GitHub - nicehash/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash
cd nheqminer/cpu_xenoncat/Linux/asm/
sh assemble.sh
cd …/…/…/Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cpu
cmake .
make -j $(nproc)

Just tired the double cd and got the same message. Also used ls -al and here is what I got.

The pictures are in the wrong order.

I thought I might have messed up on the install at first so I did it again before hand.

I think I finally found where it was hidden. I just don’t know what to do next.