Where are founders or developers on this forum?

It has been two days since launch now. A crucial infamous #1705 bug appeared, that had frozen some funds on pools. There was almost no info since launch here about wallet commands - not even how to backup your newly created wallet, nor how to get a list of generated tAddresses. Just Z ones (which are buggy and can’t send transactions now).

The price dropped 30x times already. Funds are still frozen. Dev’s didn’t announce anything or pin any topic at the top to warn users. No one just seems not to give a sh… about this.

You know, I was mining since day-0 on my ordinary 20Sol/s computer. Was proud to earn $15 per day. Then $5 per day. And now, when my 0.001 mined coins are locked on one pool because of z-bug (now worth 60 cents, and dropping), and other 0.0018 coins locked on other pool because minimum withdrawal is 0.003, and I need to mine for one more night to withdraw my $1 from pool. (Gosh! It’s a whole dollar!!!)

You know, I better go on polo and buy some ZEC for $10 bucks. But I won’t. Cause the bug still isn’t fixed. Cause the price still drops, and will be dropping. And it all makes just no sense already.

The only thing I still didn’t get is - where the hell are all the founders and devs? Why there is still no info, no FAQ, no anything on this forum. I loved how Ethereum organized themselves in hard days.That was really quick and I’m really proud of them. So, my personal ZCash experiment failed.

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