Where else would I submit these feature requests?

I am not a coder, just an enthusiast. I’ve noticed some things about cryptocurrencies that bug me and I would like to offer some suggestions. I’m not sure where one would submit feature requests so I will submit them here.

  1. It bothers me that coins can be accidentally sent to the wrong address and disappear forever. Wouldn’t it make sense to require a receiver’s confirmation? If not confirmed, then coins would revert back to the sender after a period of time. Also, a receiver’s confirmation could optionally be in the form of an agreement such as: “I accept receipt of these coins as payment in full for my repairing of the toilet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

  2. Mining is way too complex. Instructions are not simply “download xyz program at this link then click ‘run’.” Typically one is directed to a page with several links and no instructions on which link to choose. Or a program is suggested and when found it turns out it is full of malware. Cryptic, mysterious settings then need to be adjusted. And, of course, nobody wants to deal with noobs.

Then one day I downloaded an Audiocoin wallet. Several months later I ran it to update and as it ran in the background I received a notice that I was given coins from mining…simply by running my wallet! Those were the first coins I have ever mined. I don’t care much about Audiocoin, but I LOVE that wallet! I still run it occasionally just to mine some coins. Could you please make mining that simple?

  1. I don’t understand the reasoning behind having fractions of a coin up to eight decimal places. The familiar, tried and tested format is two decimal places. Even that is unnecessary. But why redesign the wheel? Are cryptocurrencies TRYING to be unpopular? Is this ultimately being designed for a handful of computer nerds or the BILLIONS of currency users? I would guess that having such an unfamiliar format would slow down adoption.

One would think that people will want to own a whole Zcash (Zcoin? Zcash coin? Zcash unit?). Imagine if Zcash becomes popular and a whole dollar is only worth .00014307 Zcash. Wouldn’t it psychologically be better to trade one dollar for 143.07 Zcash (Zcashes? Zcash coins? Zcoins? Zcash units?)?

  1. Speaking of unfamiliar formats…the term “wallet” is really poor. It’s an account. Call it an account. People are familiar with their account balance. Unfamiliar things are just friction for adoption. If there is a button for downloading a new Zcash account for Windows, people familiar with cryptocurrencies will think “that must be a wallet.” People unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies will know exactly what it’s for.

There are other suggestions I may have. I’ll post them when I can think of them.

Thanks for considering them!

Item 3. and 4. above are showing as 1. and 1. When I attempted to edit it shows it correctly in the left box and incorrectly in the right box.