Where oh Where did my 8th GPU go?

Good Morning all. (West Coast)

I’m having and issue with my 8th GPU disappearing from Device Manager in Windows 10. If the miner freezes or this morning I had a random Blue Screen of Death, I reboot and there are 7 in device manager instead of 8.

Asus z270-a
8 x gtx 1080 ti

The process I use is to do a cold boot,
Re-install the drivers software (time consuming)
another cold boot (complete power off)
and then restart.
on the final restart it takes some time for all 8 to be recognized and then we are up and I can restart the miner.

Any quicker solutions the community can throw at me for finding that 8th card a little easier.

Disabled Com1 in Device manager, hoping to free up some resources for GPU’s.


Edit: Possible Fix, will update the next time it happens.

So just to follow up with this. My machine went down and on restart only 7 gpu’s were detected in Device Manager. I enabled the “Show Hidden Devices” but could not get the 8th card to initialize.

I ended up having to re-install the Nvidia drivers from scratch to get all 8 recognized.

So back to looking for any advice on a quicker way to initialize a GPU or all the GPU’s when they aren’t recognized in Device Manager.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hey look if any cable melted

Thanks. There are no melted cables. The card comes back after a full driver re install. Its just time consuming and im looking for a quicker reinit process.

Is the card powered from the same PSU on both pcie and riser?

Yes each card and riser pair are to the same psu.