Which pool to use !?

I know there is many pools and many conversations about it, but… maybe could someone create survey about pools.

Some of them steal shares, some doesn’t have good luck, some have good luck and doesn’t steal shares but having problems with connectivity or delay…

I really don’t know anymore which pool to use, to get much as possible like probably all of us want :confused:

From the beginning I´m mining at Suprnova.cc. I can really reccomend this pool, payout is always in time, no problems with connectivity. So feel free to mine at Suprnova!

Yes, suprnova. Use the SSL port

I’m on board with the same question myself. There are so many pools popping up and it’s disorienting.

Here’s some other pools that I’ve been looking at too:

I don’t know much about them though, just reading through the threads on here.

Would love to hear more from the community.

Best thing you can do is try different pools and figure out which one works best for you. Some pools have different fees, payout structures, etc.

I used suprnova from the launch, switched to Flypool a few weeks ago.

It’s all a matter of preference, and numbers you see personally.

suprnova or flypool
suprnova adjusts difficultly so thats a nice feature that I did not notice on flypool