Why did you choose Zcash?


Monero is a tough one. I personally dont believe ring signatures can stand the test of time, and I also dont believe that we will see fiat gateways for Monero. Although I want to live in a world where we have decentralized crypto as our money, I also think we are still a ways off. I dont dislike monero though, especially since they are considering ZK-Starks (that wasnt brought up when I hopped on the Zcash wagon), but I also worry about how many people will try to smear its name come full blown crypto adoption. Zcash doesn’t have that negativity tied to it, so I think its positioned better for the average Joe. I also like that you can have both private and public transactions, since in reality, I know certain payment gateways will require T to T in the future, even though I believe its everyone’s right to remain private.


Yes, there are other “privacy” coins and ones forked in some way from ZCash. Those using other methods of privacy are not viable from a cryptological perspective IMO. The ones taken from ZCash have possible positives, but none of which have a greater market value and are only using technology developed by the ZCash folks.

The only real value ZCash offers is that privacy protection. If the ZCash people can really get out there and make it something tech peeps and soccer moms can use easily, then it’s a winner for the long term. Since it offers a true private store of value, it also serves as a safe means to squirrel away one’s hard earned dough.


hmm bro just imagine the situation that the project where you’ve invested your assets is led by the team the members of which are not really professionals… will you be sure that you’ll get profits later???


Are there many forks from Zcash?


Of course, no, but on surface every ICO and every team seem to be flawless. It takes time to dig deeper and see what is beneath:thinking:


The privacy is their main advantage. But agree with you, that there are other coins that offer such feature.


Nope, I think :slight_smile: I know what you mean but I was just trying to get more practical reasons for choosing it, cause nowadays you can come across many advertised teams which is yet not a guarantee for an advanced product to be released and properly maintained by them.


Yeah, that’s why I’m trying to find this originality


Yes, this thread is very useful. Especially, when you have doubts about your choice.


That’s what it’s designed for, thanks :slight_smile:


I see good perspectives for this coin, so I decided to join


Maybe they are not really professionals, but they can be newbies and very talented


BTC’s not fungible enough to be considered real currency. you could have nothing to do with anything involving things you’re not involved with, and still get your address clustered.


When cash and privacy are not available to the common people, what will be the two main variables that people look for in money?
Cash and privacy.

Unfortunately when this happens few will be able to access it


‘did’? just because they said Zcash ‘is’ ASIC-resistance…


Yep, I also support Zcash. Notwithstanding the troubles they have now.


And what does it mean? :slight_smile: I’m not good at tech terms


What exact problems?


But it’s quite opposite. Zcash team consists of professionals. Or you are talking about a different thing?


Given the odds, luck
The real question is why do you continue to choose it?