Why did you choose Zcash?


Zcash team is quite young, aren’t they?


Kinda agree with you. BTC has a lot of weak points to work on, meanwhile, other currencies might overrun it


I heards that Zcash methods to ensure privacy were called doubful. What do you think of it? Just a rumor?


Yeah, I think so, young and promising


I think that’s what we are witnessing right now


Why doubtful? Never heard of that before


Have you watched any interesting interview with them? Let me know if you did


Anyway, BTC enthusiasts are still numerous! It is understandable, as the price depends on the market sentiment


Private transactions are very attractive for money laundering and other similar things, so regulatory bodies are looking closely to any platform that allows tranfering a huge sum of money without disclosing the information on its sender


Yeah, I even do not know if there are such companies left at all


Nope, have you? Need to google :slight_smile:


(1) privacy-aware digital currency is needed
(2) backing by academic papers and research
(3) backing by Zcash Foundation
(4) support in OpenBazaar


I was talking about a random team, not only professionals can create a good project


Zcash, for all I know, offer fully anonymous transactions


I do not know if it can be the number one reason to support a coin


That’s true, but they need quite a lot of money and the mentors’ support


I really do like Zcash features for anonymous Z transactions. While others have not implemented the algorithm of zero knowledge I personally do not see any alternatives.


I think there are some others, it is just that Zcash is more popular.


Depends on what you need. For example, to make a faster transfer, you won’t need anonymity, but in case you are sending a looot of money and don’t want others to know… :grimacing:


There are some crypto forums or something like that where young teams can present their projects and have a chance to win money for the development of these projects. I know that South Korea actively supports young start-ups