Why does no one use LuckPool?

I was just looking at some unique pools and I found LuckPool.org. There are only 8 miners though. This seems very strange to me. Why do they keep this pool running? Why don't more people use it?

I tried it for a day with my 5800 sol/s worth of rigs and received $2. That's why I went back to Flypool, regular and consistent payouts.

I started with Flypool, but I like the idea of at least SOME luck.

How about dwarf pool? If you plan to sustain mining for about a week at a time it seems like a good balance. I switched to nanopool because sometimes I stop mining for a couple hours to play games and get unlucky (they find multiple blocks while I'm away, so I miss out).

I opted to go with Flypool because they are the biggest. In the end, my understanding is that it all averages out to be about the same amount. I would prefer many small payments consistently as opposed to fewer big payments.

Also, I started off on MiningPoolHub and it didn't have enough miners. As a result, it was like the pool you describe where is was a few large payouts when they happened. The other issue with MPH was that I was getting upwards of 5-7% invalid shares. With Flypool invalid shares has consistently been 0.

I wanted to give luckpool a shot but no matter what coin I’m farming I can’t change the auto payout settings. The site refuses to accept my IP address

The default 0.001 (for Zcash) is already the minimum you can choose. I see no reason to up it any.

So if the default for zec is .001 and komodo i think is .1, wont i get killed with fees transferring such small balances continuously since i cant change it? Or does the pool only pay out once per day or something?

luckpool has significant hash on other altcoins. I have mined with them for zencash back when it was really low difficulty. The pool developer is very active and responds to problems immediately.