Why i dont see difference

Hello guys, i started mine ZEC today and I do not see a difference in the number of coins mined for 1 hour and for 10 hours, although the number of solutions is absolutely (on the order) is different. Tell me, what's wrong? Is this because of the long block search?

you provide very little details as of how you are mining, therefore it is very difficult to provide an answer for you

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sry guys i forget share img with mining stats: http://www.fotolink.su/v.php?id=7b2c46532e2b489156b1682b05084974

Okay, i have picture with information about how more my GTX 1060 work and solution was sent. http://www.fotolink.su/v.php?id=7b2c46532e2b489156b1682b05084974

Okay that pict have info about my GTX 1060 worker. And what else can I say to clarify the information in search of the reasons for this problem? Maybe it’s okay?

What pool are you using to mine? Your pic doesn't actually answer any questions.

Some questions to answer:

  • What pool are you mining to?
  • How long have you been mining to said pool for?
  • Do you have an account or worker set up at said pool?
  • What mining software are you using?

1) DwarfPool
2) 1 hour for 0,0018 and 10hour for same 0,0018 zec
3) this mine without acc (anon)
4) ZecMiner 0.3.4b