Flypool incorrect hashrate recently?

In abt the last hour, Flypool has definitely been incorrectly under reporting my hashrate every 10-15 times.

Some rigs will show as low as 100 h/s, however all of my rigs are doing fine between 2.4-2.6kh/s and still going… I see this will only last 5 minutes but it does have a huge affect on shares and earnings.

Another thing to point out is I see the total hashrate on flypool just dropped from 100mh/s to 84mh/s in that same hour.

today (about 1 hour ago) our entire farm stopped mining with Flypool and recovered like 10 minutes later. Seems they are having issues … likely to many miners as loads have joined recently


I blame the new miners who were earlier mining ETH or ETC. They are struggling now. No problems on my side though.