Flypool incorrectly reporting 0 h/s for worker

I have a worker mining at a total of 750 Sols/s or H/s however when I view details using the address on flypool it says my current hash rate is 0 H/s and the average is 343. It says my immature balance is 0. Please help as I will have to stop the miner if I am getting nothing out of it :frowning:
Thanks in advance.

How long have you been mining to Flypool?

Around 2 days. Found the 'problem though', in the miner configuration, I had an additional server that it would connect to instead of flypool in case it lost connection to the first server. This happened to be nanopool. Sure enough, I visited nanopool and my miner was working. 🤦‍♂️

Glad you found the issue :slight_smile:

I fixed that issue, but now I've got more than 0.01 ZEC in the nanopool account, and it has not paid out. Does anyone know when ZEC payouts are for nanopool?

Nanopool information can be found on their website. Here you go:

I have some ZEC on my balance, when will I get them?
Payment rounds executed several times a day. Current default minimum payout is 0.01 ZEC. You can change your minimum payout in settings panel on account page.

Thanks so much for the info.