Will ZEC/ETH boom again if Bitcoin stumbles on August 1st?

All guesses welcome.

There have been times where it looks like people hedge into Zcash and Ethereum due to uncertainty over bitcoin. So far, those gains haven’t subsided after Bitcoin resurged and bounded on to $3k, indeed that run seems to have lifted pretty much every coin, I’m just wondering if at some point people start to worry about younger less tested coins really being worth $300+ right now, and if they might be hoping to take advantage of dropping BTC prices around a UASF to dump altcoins for BTC again.

I’m long on Zcash, but suspicious of big short term gains, like 10x in 3 or 4 months. I’m not at all convinced that we won’t drop big before growing with stability again. And it tickles me that I can imagine a chaotic August 1st causing either a big drop in ZEC (from old timers buying back BTC low) or a big rise (from more hedging if BTC governance scares people into lifeboats), and of course, August 1st might not be chaotic for anyone.

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