Windows 10 freezing

So I sold off my R9 Fury Nitros thinking they were the problem for some GTX 1070s G1s. But despite my every attempt windows freezes when mining. Windows also freezes when I’m doing nothing. I can still move my mouse cursor and click on things, they highlight as if they recognize the input but nothing happens.

This is a fresh load of windows ten from a USB. I followed:

For windows tweaks. Now, considering everything I have tinkered with. Was there a windows 10 issue that requires a update? I have not ran a memtest yet. All parts are brand new. The rig does mine until it freezes. I usually have about 10-20 mins before each freeze requiring a hard reboot.

I have the same problem with the one or seven GPUs plugged in.

My config is the following:
Asus Prime Z270-A LGA 1151
EVGA 1600w P2
G.Skill Aegis 8GB
Intel G4400 Skylake
Samsung SSD 240GB EVO
Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 x 7
Windows 10
EWFB 3.4b


Personally, I’ve done none of that. I installed Windows 10 as I would with any other machine and the only thing I “tweaked” was virtual memory. I installed all updates and I haven’t had a single freeze.

I realize this won’t necessarily help you with your issue specifically, but perhaps you should try not diving into every crevice of the OS tweaking and go from there. Windows 10 is actually quite well prepared for mining and I wouldn’t recommend changing anything default unless you have an issue with something specific.

As a side note, I would check the Event Viewer to find out what’s going on and what’s causing the freeze initially.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I tried the registry tweaks from them too and something f**up everything. so I could have done some backward engineering, but then I just decided to run it on standard values like nekkidtruth.