Windows only recognizes 1 GPU RX570

Hello. I’m trying to build my first rig. If I connect 2 gpus to mobo directly, Windows recognizes both without any issues. But once I connect gpu to riser, windows won’t recognize gpu on riser. I tried all pcie slots and all 5 risers. None of them works.

I updated bios to latest version, installed blockchain driver, reinstalled fresh windows, but still didn’t work.

Could it be something wrong with all 5 risers or do I have to set anything on bios? I’m now mining with 2 gpus connect to mobo directly. Please help me with this issue. Thanks

4 x RX570 Nitro+
PSU Seasonic 1000w
Asrock Z170 Pro4s
Windows 10 Pro
Claymore AMD miner latest version
AMD Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1driver

if the GPU works directly on the mobo, but does not work on the riser AND if you have the riser and GPU both powered, then you have bad riser(s)