No gpu recognize 7 gtx 1079

I just set up a rig of 7 gtx 1070 but windows does not recognize me more than 4 at a time.
My rig:
2X PSU corsair 850 platinum
Asrock h110 pro btc
7 gigabyte gtx 1070 windforce oc

1gpu in mb 16x, the others 6 with risers

I have mounted the rig and put the gpus 1 to 1. And windows 10 dont recognize more than 4 at the same time. I have been testing, changing places of gpus and windows recognizes all the gpus, but not at the same time, each with its own riser, so I discard problems of risers.
I get up the virtual memory of window (18gb), because I had read that it could also be a solution but neither.
I do not think it is a power problem since I have 1 psu pa for the mb and 3 gpus (it worked without adding more) and the other psu to the other 4 graphics

When I start the pc, the fans of all gpus start, but when it starts windows, 3 fan gpus stop, when starting the mine program all the fans return to work, but windows only recognizes 4.

I have been searching and can not think of any solution. What could I try?

Thank you very much

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just try to reinstall the driver from scratch. new install.

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