WinZec is available (Zcash4win update)

and also on the main PC went everything well. :+1:

i installed and created keys. still downlading the chain but already sent zec to one of the keys. i don’t see the balance but the transaction already confirmed 24 times! why i don’t see the balance on WinZec?

Because its still Downloading the blockchain, your transaction should appear closer to completion
Its just a record of all transactions and your recent ones will be closer to the current block

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thank you. it’s take for ever…

there is no way to download the file somewhere instead letting the software do it? it is taking for ever…

I don’t think theres a snapshot, I think the first time took over 2 days for me, and that was over 6 months ago

I haven’t install the WinZec yet. It’s because I a little worried that it will mess everything up. I mine to it and don’t want to have to change anything. Will it still have all my transactions and receive address from Zcash4win?

Yes, all the roaming files will remain (I waited for a while too)
Backup, uninstall zcash4win and install winzec
It will boot and snyc to the zcash4win files

hi, is possible to transfer the blockchain database from one computer to another?

I would assume so, figure you would be able to copy and paste to an SD or across a VPN but computers nowadays who knows

hi, after restart window 10 take very long time until GUI start. anything wrong?

Are you using the new version?
What was your install procedure?

i download it a few days ago so its must be new but i can’t see new ver cos gui not show :-((
i used the win intallation

ok i find the problem, is because i pin it to taskbar. when unpin and restart from desktop working fine

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Thats awesome, glad its solved, and easily too

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who has this too?

I have it since yesterday. it doesn’t go to 100% it remains at 99.99%

I had a few error windows this morning but just restarted wallet and now 100%

:thinking: I started my pc this morning and it synchronized until 99.99% . strange

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Just my $0.02 FYI.
Started ZCash4Win this morning, I let it sync to 100%.
Backed up my info.
Downloaded and installed WinZEC.
Ran it.
Works fine.

As Nike would say, “Just do it”
And for people asking, the UI and everything about the GUI seems the same, so don’t worry about not understanding the new software.

I would really like at some point a way to easily move the default blockchain directory instead of having to use workarounds, since my main drive is an SSD and I don’t need the ZCASH blockchain filling it. I’d rather use my network drives for that storage.

I have the same problem, cannot sync since yesterday.%D1%81%D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%85%D1%80%D0%B0