Zcash4win is not running

Hi everybody,

I am using zcash4win. But it seems that this is not working anymore. Try to open it but it says “daemon is taking longer than expected to start”. I am using a wallet address with a mining contract which I generated with zcash4win. What can I do to get access to the wallet?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Solutions are discussed here on different threads, i hope it works for you

Go to Question: daemon is taking longer than expected

Thank you very much for the quick answer.
How I can find out which is the latest version of zcash4win?
Because the domain is forwarding to WinZEC.

From what the creator of zcash4win wallet says, No more zcash4win. Winzec is the new wallet, but not till April.

Thats good, its a strange problem, solution worked for only one of my devices, other one gets stuck downloading at various places