WinZEC wallet - watch only addresses - no balance in overview tab

I hope I’m not breaking etiquette too much by making another Topic, but my understanding of this problem has changed and I want to find an explanation if possible.

My WinZEC wallet has watch-only addresses under the “Own addresses” tab. This is misleading, because I do not actually own the private keys to these addresses, and I cannot recover the funds mined to these addresses! see image:

This topic is meant as a PSA to check that you own the addresses you’re mining to, and if anyone has any idea WHY this happens, please respond. Thanks!

lastly, here is an image of what your Overview tab looks like when you’ve been mining to a watch only address:

As mentioned in the other thread this is something very specific to your setup as this can’t happen with WinZEC simply running zcashd behind the scenes. Looking at that screenshot why is the blockchain only 895.38MB? - it doesn’t appear you are on testnet judging by the address syntax in other screenshots.

Are you running a zcashd instance maybe of a forked coin and this caused the issue as it shares the same interface to WinZEC?

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I had a HUSH wallet and a ZEN wallet on the same machine, but I just used “walletaid” python program to extract the keys from all of my .dat files. That address with the ZEC balance is not in any of them.