winzec withdrawal

I have not used winzec wallet for a long time and now I want to withdraw funds from the wallet, but it is not possible, there are 0 connections and the blockchain synchronized is 28.84 % from 18 Oct. In 2018, the wallet seems frozen. I don’t know what to do if anyone can help?


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You’ll need to import your private keys into a new wallet. Winzec pre-dated zecwallet by at least a year so you should be able to import it into that wallet no problem, though it is recommended you send your funds out to a even more updated wallet once youve restored your spend authority.
To clarify you should import to zecwallet light it will be much faster than the full node version

I tried exactly that but it doesn’t work it throws an error or I don’t know do it

What kind of error?

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This error is usually associated with zecwallet full node version which is lacking support. Can you confirm this is the latest zecwallet lite 1.8.7?

Yes, I can confirm this is the latest zecwallet lite 1.8.7.

Windows? .

Yes, windows 10

Ywallet is available from MSN store and should work on Win10. Youll need to reimport your backed up private keys.
Sry for the run-around. Zecwallet on win hasnt functioned in a while.