Worth it to run sub $300 rig?

Disclaimer: I’m a complete noob to this and have been reading as much as I can on mining for ZCash.

I’m wondering how long it might take to break even on a rig that I can jerry-rig together for less than $300? I would mine with a pool. I don’t exactly have the capital to get anything that would cost more than that. Is there even equipment out there (possibly used) that I could co-opt into mining Z-Cash? What kind of hashrate could I expect from a rig that cheap?

Thanks in advance for answering what is probably a stupid question.

Do you want $300 worth of equipment to pay for itself in x months or $3000 worth?

What’s the best equipment I can get for $300 or less. And how soon would that $300 investment pay for itself on the hashing power I would get from it?

No, It’s not and you won’t see that money back for maybe 6 months to a year. Plus, the difficulty is increasing rapidly. You would be better off buying 3 ZEC for $300 than buying hardware and mining + electricity for 6 months where you might have 3 ZEC in returns afterward.

Now if you want to learn about mining as a hobby, maybe it is.

I had the same question to myself some time ago.
But with the fast moving values of each coin, zou wont make it to your ROI point quick enough.

You make the most profit when a coin is young, and you have the miningpower to get some shares while the difficulty is low.

I considered a rig with 4 graphic cards (RX480), ended up with 12 of the RX470. :joy:

Then you’re like me and it’s a money-losing hobby :wink:

Making my ROI in 9 months right now, by running just half of my total rig. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the prices stay around where they are right now of cource. :grin:

Hah, well we both know that won’t happen! I said something like that when the price was around 1.2 BTC.

We will see.

I believe in my luck. :slight_smile: