... Would this work?

Hi :slight_smile:

Have a computer (10 years) that is supposed to be turned into a mining PC.
How would it work with these components?

MOB - ASUS P6T Deluxe v.2
RAM - DDR 3 24Gb 1366Mhz
GPU - ???
PSU - CROSAIR RX 850 silver
SSD - INTEL 120Gb SATA 3Gb / s
OP - Windows 10 Enterprise X64 2016 LTSB

The question is if I need to replace something or?
How would you do?
Has a budget of approx. 1´200-1´300 USD
What is the most cost effective GPU?
The idea is to start with 2-3 GPUs

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

start by checking which GPU you mother board will recognize, for now, IF IM NOT WRONG, the 1070 are very good, but they are expensive, i have 2 running at avr 950h/s with 2.7 sol/w.

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With your mobo, you can use up to 4 GPUs, I recommend buying GTX 1060 for first experience. Check amazon for current price.
And your current PSU is also enough for 4 GPUs.

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And I recommend to downgrade to Windows 10 Pro N. It’s lighter from my experience.

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Thanks for the replay :slight_smile:

I thought, actually, starting with 2 pcs. 1060th
How do you connect them together?


Win 10 pro, much bloatware compared to Win 10 Enterprise ???

what do you mean connect them togather?, you just connect them in your MB, directly or by cable riser, no need for SLI bridge