Would you be in favor of a name change for the Zcash project?

Doing a temperature check here :thermometer:

Sometimes, a rebrand makes sense and the more I think about it, one might be in order for Zcash, given that it very specifically has a reference to cash (which seems to be a dying concept of a bygone era).

Would you be willing to support a Zcash name change/rebrand?

  • Yes
  • No
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Zcash is history, one of the oldest and most recognized names in the industry. So, no thanks.


Totally fair. Netscape, Xerox, and Kodak were also very recognized in their industries…


In favor of applying the technology to stablecoins and truly be Zcash.

Under current path. Yes. because it’s not cash. longer term it may have applications to tokenize private securities too?

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Interesting question… I agree the “cash” part of the name may not suit as it seems less and less likely that the native token of any chain will be regarded as such, rather stable coins look the most likely winners of the future of crypto.

I suppose it is dependent on what the future vision of zcash actually is and what its greater service will be, which is certainly not clear, at least not to me.

Not vehemently opposed to it, you are giving up something iconic though… This needs to brew some more I think

Zchain? ZKvault?


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if any name change then sumting like Zebra themed iwo. but not sure if it would do much.


Was thinking more along the lines of just “Z”. The stable coin would be Zcash.


there are more important things to be discussing. imo its a horrible idea to change the name, why waste time even thinking about this? Absolutely unnecessary.

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Such as?

Why is it a horrible idea?


Categorical no!
First of all, just no.
Secondly, there is not a single project that it would help (if you think Zcash feel badly).

But Zcash is beautiful, those who never realized it, be patient. In 2-3 years you will be humming this song every day: Hanu Dixit - Zcash Anthem - YouTube.



Still waiting for someone who disagrees to give me any empirical evidence of why they think it’s a bad idea. The attachment is real :flushed:

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But start with yourself. Why do you think this is a good idea?

This is obviously a terrible idea for me, because hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on brand awareness. And this is a really recognizable brand. I can say anyone who has heard about cryptocurrency in Russia “Zcash” and he immediately knows what it is about. But few people have heard about renamed Firo. Even personally, I spent several thousand dollars on domains for Russian-language blogs.


That’s a pittance in the grand scheme of things. Do you know what a sunk cost fallacy is?

Maybe to people who are already crypto-aware, but not to normies.

Exactly my point. They already know about crypto.

Have you heard of Pepsi? It was originally called Brad’s Drink. Sony? Originally named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. Starbucks was called “Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice”.

My proposal is just “Z”. Then we could have a stablecoin named Zcash. Ultimately, I feel the word “Cash” is too US-centric and synonymous with “fiat dollars”.

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Oh, It’s just that Z is not the best association in Russia and Ukraine right now. Seriously.
By the way, I think that Zcash will get rid of the letter Z in its name in 15 years.


This should be immediately cut to $0. Completely agree. Focus 100% of the money on the blockchain, stablecoins, ZSAs, and a working wallet (not 3rd party wallets). Integrate AMP protocol if you have to get instant settlement and give users the options to just pay the fee. Once they get their feet under them, then consider some 3rd party wallets and hopefully a model is in place where people can build on top of the blockchain and fund themselves and pay for some of the marketing (co marketing).

It does a lot of damage to the brand when you tell people its money, it doesn’t act like money in any way, and then the wallets dont sync. I dont think advertising that results in getting people upset or cause them to fear they lost all their money because the coins dont show up in the wallet accomplishes a lot.

Etheruem is on the right path and they very likely could make ZEC obsolete. If not why not?


The funny part is they were quick to put our a PR for their first grant: LA-based Production Company 37 Laines Announces New Division, Zcash Media: Aims to Clear the Clutter on Crypto Education

Now just imagine if they were as eager to promote their videos. :see_no_evil:

AMP protocol is a good idea. It seems to have a dedicated fanbase that actually use the product.

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It seems like the right name associated with the wrong product. USDz, EUROz, YENz, would all fall under the cash umbrella. If they can implement the stablecoins and ZSA, the name starts to make sense.


And replace it with?

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Just to clarify you have a Z in your avatar? Sorry, I don’t follow geopolitical stuff much these days so I’m not clued in to what Z has been commandeered to be.

Countless crypto and corporate projects have made total rebrand upgrades and found massive success afterwards.

Below I show the example of Dogecoin Dark (now Verge) which has lifetime coin proceeds well above 10,000%

The project was going fine before and after the rebrand. Anyone here decrying the idea is latched onto pearls too tightly.

I find that “Zcash” is not a great name because nothing about it is intuitive about what the network or project provide. If my name was Gerald, and I named my crypto project Gcoin… the same critique would apply.

The challenge here is in proposing certain value-added new names. I haven’t thought up any winners yet.

Within the crypto industry “Zcash” is an albatross around our necks. Many industry influencers know Zcash as the coin with a massive Founders Reward, and who’s native coin ZEC is destined to go Down Only