WOW diff just jumped over 1mil +

seems like just the last few hours there has been 45% increase in diff meaning there is almost a 51% increase on hashrate or am i wrong?

seems that the t1ZJQNuop1oytQ7ow4Kq8o9if3astavba5W adress is gaining on all pools.
anyone know this is a pool or somthing?

Yep… Crazy

I was just going to ask the same thing. About 5 days ago, difficulty was hovering around -450K… But I noticed the network hashrate is currently not 2-3 times what is was 5 days ago. It is currently about 47 MSol/s compared to 32 MSol/s…

Can anyone explain the correlation?

Also, does a doubling in difficulty result in half the rewards from mining?

Not worth the cycles… switched to ETH

This is to be expected now that the mining slow start is just about over. Large GPU farms may be more likely to mine Zcash now.

It all balances out. If the price doesn’t support the higher hashrate then people stop mining and the difficulty comes down.

dallas@rig1:~/mining/bin$ ./coinpicker
2016-11-28 09:50:06 Active Coin is eth [was at 100%], [now at 100%]
Rank #1 → eth (100)
Rank #2 → exp (98)
Rank #3 → etc (97)
Rank #4 → zec (58)
Rank #5 → zcl (53)
2016-11-28 09:50:07 Sticking with eth for now…

just insane what this adress is getting from blocks also noticed a big increase since 5 days

Out of curiosity where did you get coinpicker?

just a quick perl script i wrote

Care to share it?
Are you querying json from

No, it uses an internal API that would not be accessible to anyone.

The coins.json output by default includes all coins using 3x 280x’s. Result would not be realistic for my rig in terms of profitability.

If you adjust all the settings in whattomine to match your rig and store the resulting cookie, then you can call the coins.json from said session and get realistic rankings based on your rig performance.

Or use a HTTP GET on whattomine with all the appropriate name=value params, and just parse the resulting HTML.

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auto-switching in action

2016-11-28 11:24:02 Active Coin is eth [was at 100%], [now at 100%]
2016-11-28 11:24:02 Sticking with eth for now…
2016-11-28 11:36:02 Active Coin is eth [was at 100%], [now at 100%]
2016-11-28 11:36:02 Picking zcl [109%] over eth [100%]
2016-11-28 11:36:02 New picked Coin is zcl @ 109%
2016-11-28 11:36:02 Killing etc/ and starting zcl/
2016-11-28 11:48:02 Active Coin is zcl [was at 109%], [now at 91%]
2016-11-28 11:48:02 Picking eth [100%] over zcl [91%]
2016-11-28 11:48:02 New picked Coin is eth @ 100%
2016-11-28 11:48:02 Killing zcl/ and starting eth/
2016-11-28 12:00:02 Active Coin is eth [was at 100%], [now at 100%]
2016-11-28 12:00:02 Sticking with eth for now…

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Ok, thanks.

I was just curious.

I have an ETH/ETC autoswitch script for ethOS which does something similar, I could easily modify it to pick between ETH, ETC, ZEC and ZCL.

how does that work? sounds too good to be true? profit switching scripts.