Your NOT so daily 1080TI profit report


Btc still 1500 above the feb low. So if it tanks. Altcoins will tank harder


$1.41 on this upswing. Some part of me is sad as I was hoping to buy more zec in the 160 to 170 dollar range. But at least for now I will keep running my older less efficient cards. Almost got to the point of making less than electricity. At that point I shut down and will only buy zec and not mine it.


$1.46 profit. Far off the 88 cent bottom from just a day ago.


Down to 684 days :sunny:


2 year ROI!!! Good times are back!! :joy:


Wow it’s ripping now $1.61!! A high for this thread I think. On a side note, i am really proud to say I was able to get a 8% power reduction on my rigs with only a 0.3% drop in hash power :blush:


Profit took a big dump as price is rising $1.16 @ $260. I suppose a lot of people switched back and difficulty shot back up.


Back up to $1.45. Price is now 270


Back down to $1.30 even thought the price is still around $260 Just goes to show how in a short time span the difficulty plays havoc with profitability. Yes I know it’s got it’s ups and downs and holding has been profitable over the last year, but some people have to pay for power and selling is a must. Still shows that people should stay away from paying 1000++ for a 1080ti especially used.


Heading lower again. $1.17


The network hash rate has skyrocketed. 582, 012 kh/s and it was like 480,000kh/s a couple days ago. So profit is about to fall below $1. I should start keeping track of the network rate.


Back up to $1.50 profit and network hashrate has plunged to 466,203 kh/s people switching back and forth. I guess it’s sites like nicehash moving constantly between coins. I don’t know how helpful that is for the overall mining community.


Back to $1.15 with network hashrate up to 566,345 kh/s. I am convinced that All the mining programs like nicehash, miningpoolhub, awesome miner, are switching in and out of zec every 12 hrs or so. Guess it helps if you use one of those programs, not if you have your rig dedicated to one coin.


Yo Daniel, good, the profit will fluctuate, but hodl. I’m too lazy to sell my rig. At least mining is positive and profitable.

I feel like you’re somewhat disappointed in zcash and low profits or are you logging what is happening in the market?


It’s more of an info for newbies thinking of getting that shinny new 1080ti for $1200++ bucks. Hopefully someone will think twice. Of course if you have it keep mining. Also before it was more profitable for me at least to mine one coin, now it looks like shifting difficulty during the day makes the programs that shift coins more profitable. Unfortunately it plays havoc with the coins difficulty.


Down to $1.11 per day with a network hashrate of 550,000 kh/s


Profit down to $0.97 cents network hashrate at 566,345 kh/s


Up a little to $1.12

Selling 1080ti Rig!

to best honest, is still worth to keep mining now??
price keep dropping but difficulty keep going up… how come…
flypool Hashrate near 300MH/s
it is near 4 times more than last year …


I have actually shut down some older less efficient cards. I probably would be like so many others trying to unload cards bought at high GPU prices. Especially if I had bought them on credit.