Z-Cash Miner Watcher App for Genoils and Nheminer

I have written a simple app to do what people are doing with bat files. It has multiple loops and counters to minimize downtime of z-cash miners. I currently have 2 versions, 1 that is used with Genoils Miner and 1 that is used with Genoil/Nheminer together.

What the app DOES NOT do:
It does not replace or make the miner work better, if you are getting lots of GPU’s that are not hashing etc then it is a miner or mining rig issue and not an issue with my app.

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: These instructions are for the Genoil Miner but the GPU/CPU miner instructions are the same except for having 2 bat files.

1 - Download 1 of the 2 zip files located below.
2 - Inside the folder there are 2 items I have provided in addition to the mining software. (3 with CPU/GPU folder).
- File named “OhShit” - This is the app to start the miner.
- “startG” .bat file. - Change the details of your pool/wallet etc.
- “startNH” is the cpu miner .bat located in the CPU/GPU folder.
3 - Start the app by double clicking the “OhShit” app

What to expect-
The app will open 2 windows - (3 for GPU/CPU):
- Window 1 is the OhShit.exe window - this is the one you monitor.
- Window 2 is the cmd.exe - startG.bat window - it may be minimized.
It may take a couple of reboots the first time to get it going - this is due to the Miner making the bin files etc.

If you want to see hashrate please look at the logfile.txt in the folder.

If you get the “Genoil.exe” crashed message please do not be concerned, look at the “OhShit.exe” window for ALL updates. It works in the following manner:

There are multiple loops in the app counting and monitoring. The 2 main loops monitor the following:
1 - NoHashCounter Monitors each GPU for 0.0S/s. It is set to monitor for 60 seconds at a time. When the NoHashCounter reaches 4 it will restart the miner. When it reaches 5 it will restart the miner again. If it reaches 6 it will reboot the computer. The NoHashCounter typically starts at 1 or 2 because of the boot process.
2 - NoShareCounter Monitors for shares being submitted and is on a 60 sec loop also. Each time the miner goes without shares it reboots the miner. If there are 3 miner reboots the computer reboots the 4th time.

Please keep an eye on the “OhShit.exe” window, if you are seeing output every 60 seconds then you are mining with all GPU’s and are submitting shares.

I use the app and install with AwesomeMiner which autostarts when a reboot happens. I have been told that putting a shortcut into the autostart folder doesn’t work. This is probably because it is called on and call on other files but I am not sure. I would think that a .bat file in the folder that starts the “OhShit.exe” with a shortcut in the Autostart would work best.

Lastly, I included a small piece of code in the beginning of the .bat files that will assign the last 3 digits of your local IP as the miner name. This is done to prevent needing to write tons of bat files for different rigs. If you do not need it then just delete the top portion.

I will try to update and keep the project going. If you like the program please send a tip but it isn’t required.

z-cash t1X2YpJrBZ1beGgkuVEGNQjxG5JLGJVRqJC
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I added a 3rd File to the group which is labeled “Genoil-2min”. This may be useful if you are having problem on first runs secondary to slow CPU’s or low RAM.


My Avira reports warning!

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Yes it is the same ol’ kilo17 - :slight_smile:
I will post a link to here from my BCT account on Genoils Thread

I use the app, my friends are testing it out. If you do not feel it is safe then please do not try it out.

I am not smart enough to write a virus, hell it took me 12+ hours to write that small app :slight_smile:

kilo17 thanks for reply!
I just wonder why my Avira reports warning when I extract from RAR file…

I have found a small error in the file that is bypassing the HashCounter. I will get a fix ASAP and update the downloads. It has to do with the “Disconnects” at Flypool.

I have removed the files temporarily until I get it resolved.