Z9 performance and general discussion


In short:
Only with a Hashboard connected the Z9 mini can connect correctly to the pools, in this way: Hashboards 1 and 2 disconnected Hasboard 3 connected, or Hashboards 1 and 3 disconnected and Hashboard 2 connected, or Hashboards 2 and 3 disconnected Hasboard 1 connected.


What PSU are you using?
What voltage 120 or 208/240?


Hi there, i changed my connection from dhcp to static and back, after this the hashrate fallen to 4.5 and no way to grow it up, what can i do? Me too, only 1 worker is active


My personal experience is that using the static IP is the best solution, enough you have a static IP to use of course. What are the results with the static IP setting and why do you change it to DHCP at all? Any special reason?


I tried with static protocol as seen on antminer z9mini support page, but it looked out not working, so i come back to dhcp


Are you sure you have a static IP provided by your ISP?
Did the Z9 work at some time at all with full hashrate speed?
You have to provide more details or we are just guessing around.

This sounds so far like a pure connection problem as you didn’t mention failed hashboards/other problems…


You really don’t need a static IP from your ISP (puplic WAN IP).

Just quickly scan your local network for any occupied / used IP address with this PowerShell one-liner:

1..254 | ForEach-Object {Get-WmiObject Win32_PingStatus -Filter "Address='$_' and Timeout=200 and ResolveAddressNames='true' and StatusCode=0" | select ProtocolAddress*}

(Change "Address='$_' to your local network range.)

Pick a free IP address and set it as static in your miners network configuration. Make sure your subnet and gateway are set accordingly. In some scenarios, you also have to reserve the same IP address on your DHCP server.

Also SSH to your miner and run a ping to your pools IP address - check if you have a consistent and low ping e.g.:



Maybe that my isp can’t allow a static one, i checked a bit ago and if i put static, system says socket error no connection


Again: You don’t necessarily need a static IP address (public WAN IP) for mining. But your miners should have fixed IP addresses inside your local network.

Assuming that you have not read my previous article, I wish you continued success with your endeavor.


I set dinamic but hashrate as picture below, awful


Pictures from the Z9 admin panel would tell us way more …



I am pleased to announce the release of Fuddware version 2.2 for the Z9 with NiceHash support! (sorry Mini users, I hope to resolve this for you soon).

This release is for the Z9 unit only and is available at https://releases.broked.net

Change log for version 2.2:

  • Adds Support for Nicehash (yay!)
  • Adds proper #xnsub support
  • Adds protection against known antminer malware.
  • NOTE: If you are a paid user, you will need to re-apply your license after upgrade.
  • SHA256: c2edd1d3e0c5ed5ed252aacfc73eac3a9b62b890a03b0ad42fb70bda0a13a86a Z9_2.2.tar.gz
  • MD5SUM: 1131b73d6dc4b567d9ee5cbc37d934ee Z9_2.2.tar.gz

Thank you,



Anybody plan on buying any Z11’s? I am not planning on it since I still haven’t broken even on the mini’s I bought last year. Maybe I will break even once they become totally obsolete in the next few months.


No way.
Being a miner today is the most ungrateful/thankless job in whole crypto space, lol.
(applies to all miners that pay more than 6-8 cents per kw/h electricity!)


Here is miners status

and now z9 mini system overview


Your frequency is set to 200. Fix that – set them to 750 and try again.


Does it mean overclocking?


500 is default , anything above default is overclocking… 600 it will run stable , 750 is max


Eh, most Z9Minis will run more than 700Mhz just fine; 11 of 12 ran 750, one preferred 725 or so. Batch2 units are a little pickier. Z9 defaulted to 500, max of 550 from factory, most will run 650 with my firmware easily… a few will go to 681 and even a smaller subset will go to 700.

Failure rate has been exactly zero that I am aware of for anyone using my firmwares. … just don’t use 200Mhz. :slight_smile:



Ok i will try later, thank you