Z9 performance and general discussion


You’re rigth. Thanks for help! I’m writing pm now :slight_smile:


Use https://guarda.co/ they never disappoint and have an overall great service. You also have total control over your Private Keys. All of our mining rigs are pointing to Guarda and we have 0 issues so far.


ZEC Sapling supported? :slight_smile:


Yes sir. Guarda loves Sapling.


I use XMINER 1.1 to monitor the workers, can anyone tried to connect to Z9 thru SSH, I can’t get in, admin/admin, root/admin or any combination doesn’t work, can anyone help,


Confirmed. Are all batch 3 units, tested today in the morning, Chinese morning. OC works fine and the low price is the outcome of the Z9 rebate.

It is also confirmed it makes no point to move them more than some hundreds Kms (or cross a border) and plug them where energy is pricey.



what’s the time frame you set mining fee to run, how long or how often, we want to calculate the profitability risk/gain. We sent a small donation to your original address for 1.0 then modified your code a little, everything runs perfect under 650, I want to try anything above but not willing to pay something that I’ll not make it back. let me know.


10 minutes every 280 minutes.

Exception is on first start: runs for you for 10, me for 10. That’s just a preventative measure since someone would simply restart every 279 minutes otherwise. … and starting with mining for me didn’t feel right. I’m homing in on the fan controls (folk have requested custom fan curves, disabling fan on bootup/reboot, etc.) since they are not in the normal places. Voltage evaluations after that… If you have machines with slower hashboards, they don’t have to drag the rest of your system down… so returns above and beyond the 20-50% already provided will be a function of your environment… but supporting the firmware does support future features.

… plus I do respond pretty darned quickly to questions. :slight_smile:

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so roughly about 50min a day for a rig, ok, I’ll pass that up and will PM you in few minutes.


Yeah, it’s a little less than that on the long average because it doesn’t break even into a 24 hr period. It is roughly 3% of the time plus/- a tenth of a percent. I tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible. The 10 minute window is a function of how long it takes for miners to ramp up the difficulty on share submission since many pools do not support specifying difficulty up front.

I probably will need to tune it again in the next major release because 3% is the target and I think it may be overshooting that by about 4-6 minutes.

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Hi Jason,

you did a very good job. The problem I see is the numbers of pool’s change. As you said, 10 minutes is the time for the miner to ramp up, so we could, roughly, say the machine loose 15 minutes every 11/12 hours. This may work as personal solution, I could understand it and accept it, but cannot resell it. But, I would prefer to give you 10 hours every 1st of the month, consecutive. It would be better for you and for me.


Hey bruno - drop me a PM if you’d like. I am not sure about per-month, but the per-day could be batched into one batch a day and then amortized across miners as a potential option.

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Now this is interesting… The Z9 Mini is now NO longer listed on bitmain for sale!



Yeah, the Z9s went live a couple of days ago again with the Minis going MIA.



Mini still available in SZ. Price very affordable…



Just a follow-up; If you happen to represent a farm, I can provide complete configuration automation of your antminers (not just Z series units). Plug them in, add firmware, that’s it. If this is something that meets your needs, please PM me.

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I will be offering a December Giveaway of a Sony PS4/Spiderman bundle for users of the Z9 and Z9Mini version 2.1 or later firmware. Details are available in this post and will also automatically update on the Summary page for users of the firmware.

Firmware thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5036968.msg48309838#msg48309838

Firmware Download page: https://releases.broked.net

Giveaway Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077347.0

Giveaway item: https://imgur.com/go81rn3

Thank you!



I have a new Z9 mini acquired at [amazon.com]. It was working perfectly for three months. The problem started a few weeks ago when I could not connect to any of my 3 pools (before there was no problem), I also have 4 GPUs connected to the same pools without error).
When trying to connect it always showed the message: “Socket connect falied: Connection refused” in System" in System - Overview.
In my effort to find a solution I started by trying 1 Hashboard at a time, initially one at a time (1, 2 and 3) and then in pairs (1,2 - 2,3 - 1-3). After these tests I realized that the only way for the Z9 mini to connect without the error: “Socket connect falied: Connection refused” is to leave connected only one Hashboard, it does not matter if it is 1, 2 or 3 (all work separately correctly). Any idea of ​​what is happening?


Have you modified the software for overclocking?
using a 3rd party software?
Have you hit the factory reset?


Original Bitmain Firmware.
Never Overclocking.
Yes, I pressed the front button: “Factory Reset”, and re-enter my three pools again in “Miner Configuration” and the problem persists, only one Hashboard (it does not matter if it is 1, 2 or 3) can connect to the pools without the socket error.
Any ideas, maybe the PSU?