Zcash Arborist Call Updates

Hello everyone,

I am creating this topic to keep everyone up to date on the Zcash Arborist research and development calls.

Each update will include links to the Twitter Summary, Full Notes and any Decision or Action Items moving forward. When the recording is made available on Youtube its usually linked to on Github and the Zcash Foundation or zksquirrel Twitter accounts.

Open to suggestions for how best to format these!

Arborist Call 64 - November 2nd

Full Notes / Twitter Summary

If you would like to raise an agenda point for discussion during any meetings email: arboristcall@zfnd.org
Registration links for 15:00 & 21:00 UTC Timeslots: Arborist Calls - Zcash Foundation



Here with updates from the most recent Arborist call.

Arborist Call 65 - November 16th

Decisions & Action Items
i) ECC to establish working group/task force for DZFE
ii) @pili to serve as point of contact for Eiger’s Zebra related work

Full Notes / Twitter Summary


We also stream the meetings during the ZF A/V club weekend watchparty in Zcash Global Discord