Zcash Solo Mining?

What are the best instructions to solo mine?

I tied this but i get errors:


If i copy the official zcash guide for linux and get the mine value on then it says running 4 mining threads, however the problem is i can’t run the “zcash-cli getinfo” command as it says “error: couldn’t not connect to server”

How can i check if anything has mined if zcash-cli cant connect?

Try minezcash.com it might not be updated though

Your link is to an unofficial guide.
Try running zcashd without the -daemon parameter.
You should see continuously updated info concerning uptime, #validated transactions, average contribution rate, and # of Equihash solver runs.
If you don’t see these stats, then something is wrong.

Installing the Ubuntu binaries is easier if you’re having a hard time compiling.

I’m not sure what happens if you choose the same username as someone else.
Perhaps try using a different username.

Solo mining is a lot less hassle than pool mining. :grinning: