Zcash for Mac updated to v1.0.3

Tracking tonights drop of Zcash v1.0.3 for linux by ZcashCo, I’ve updated by port to Mac OS X to v1.0.3. A reminder that I’m not a ZcashCo employee, and that more Zcash platforms = more developers = more applications = more users = more demand for ZEC = higher price for ZEC = more mining profits.

Donations in BTC to: 1L33E8M1LdXmAtgWaSgAVr4TEyDrLWk69B
in ZEC to: t1WeYg7Vwe1E2N5sxY6MQ335x4i12KZwSMu
or in dollars via PayPal to radix42@gmail.com

Source code at (binaries soon):


David Mercer
Tucson, AZ


Is it possible for me to run xenoncat’s solver? I’m running on Xenon’s and wonder if I would get better sol/s using that miner. Does the Tromp solver outperform xenoncat?

I think the dedicated xenoncat miner for mac outperforms tromp’s solver in zcashd

I’ve been looking for instructions on how to include xenoncat. Does this need to be compiled before the port or is it something I can add to the mac port?

its totally separate, as far as I can tell…I haven’t installed it on my Mac, since it isn’t up to GPU mining (its a 2012 MacBook Pro).

If I’m not mistaken, Xenoncat is CPU mining. They just won the open source miner challenge. Congratulations! And also to Tromp who took 2nd place!

oh, ok, I didn’t realize you were talking about just the solver! It was integrated into one of the 3rd party miners…you can’t just drop it into the main zcash code as-is so far as I know, but I haven’t been following it closely. Whenever it ends up in the main Zcash tree, it’ll get pulled into my port when I update it. And I have no idea if/when they’ll be doing that.

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