Zcash javascript miner

Hello dear Zcash users!

By popular demand here is Zcash javascript (WebAssembly) miner - http://frox25.no-ip.org:8888

Feel free to send me any questions.


Hi, this looks good. Are you using sockets.io on the backend? I’d like to take a look at how you made it.


backend is pure perl.

if no one responds to the advertisement in a month, i will publish everything.

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Hello, could you give a link to this script?

the month is not over yet.

meanwhile you may check http://frox25.no-ip.org:8888/merch.html

Great to see Perl in action. Did you use Perl 5 or 6?

thanks! it’s perl 5, the only perl.

That means you can now mine by opening your browsers? :open_mouth:

Hello mtve! Can we talk in private?

how this js miner work?

pure magic^W^Wwould your please clarify your question?

Where do you set your wallet address ? anyway to use a mining pool ?

You don’t have to set wallet address, just point your browser to the page and it should start mining.

You may setup your own backend with your own wallet address, and you need to use some stratum-compatible mining pool which is also configured on backend.

@mtve Will you be releasing your source code soon?

@mtve Will you be releasing the code anytime soon?
Also, will one be able to fork and create the same thing for any altcoin?
I would like to setup webmining for a bitcoin based altcoin, will this allow me to?
And last, it seems to freeze the webpage, can one adjust it so that it won’t, even at the cost of mining less…

Hi, what is my problem ?

It’s already released at GitHub - mtve/yazecminer: yet another ZEC miner


No, currently it’s for Zcash only.

You may add some delays in mine() function of index.html, and there is little can be done here to improve it more.

You may rewrite all emscripten part to make more delays between iteractions, and not only between algorithm steps, but also between some portions of initial blake2b strings fill to make it really smooth.


Hard to say without full context, but at least i can’t connect to ws://

Hi, just curious, what is this exactly? A way for a visitor to help you mine? Or a visitor can mine from the browser to their wallet?

What are the server spec required?

Visitors mine to your wallet. Business model is up to you.

Since the server is kind of proxy, server load is low. 1K sessions are not noticeable, and 30K session are easy. You can do horizontal load sharing (sharding).