Zcash, lowest price ever......USD 32

I know most of the members here want to have a quick revenue for their investments but i disagree when people complain about that the dev team has its focus on the technology behind zcash.

In my opinion what an altcoin makes strong are its innovation, competent developers and later an honest marketing.

You can have the best GUI wallets for every device but when people, investors and the market dont trust in the underlying technology it wont help you.
When I see altcoin teams spending more time on marketiog an making promises that are BS they maybe have their priorities in the wrong place and its nothing more than pump and dump.

Monero for example for a long time didn’t even have a GUI wallet and it took more than 2 years to become accepted by the market.
Decred spent a year just imporving it’s consensus and governance system without worrying about marketing, UI or price.

Yes, we will eventually see Zcash going down to $10 or $15 but its a young currency give it the time it needs to grow up on strong foundations.

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Snowden: Anonymous ‘Zcash’ Could Solve Bitcoin Surveillance Risks Snowden: Anonymous 'Zcash' Could Solve Bitcoin Surveillance Risks


This is exactly my take on the situation as well - and exactly where the bulk of my investments are (proportional to market caps). I have a triad of these three that I’m hanging my hat on (until the situation changes). Monero is an ok hack for privacy, but its not the security that ZK tech brings into play. Could there potentially be a problem with ZK tech? Sure… but if not, then a few years down the road - ZCash is going to eat Monero’s lunch.


I’m a huge fan of ZEC - and think it has a bright future, but I seriously doubt its going to be a billion in market cap by end of year. The inflation rate is so big right now, my guess is people will steer clear until after the first “halving”. Then its on like Donkey Kong. :wink:

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Back on November 14th, when ZEC was $100, I called a $30 bottom for ZEC in the coming months https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/zcash-price-rebound/8370/3?u=vgm.

This happened because ETH miners who switched to ZEC early on have migrated back to ETH mining due to higher profitability. This removed the huge selling pressure from ETH miners converting their ZEC to ETH. The majority of remaining ZEC miners are probably using older AMD cards (280, 290, etc.), which have comparatively poor Ethash performance and therefore ZEC is still more profitable for them.

Now I believe ZEC will stabilize, but there will be no bull market just yet. The price of ZEC is inextricably linked to the price of ETH. When ETH breaks out to new highs later this year, we will see the ZEC price move higher.

will most-likely happen around early november! it’s going to be a fun year!

@GPU_Mining They are linked, but not directly correlated, which is an important distinction to make. The same hardware can be used for both coins, so naturally a lot of us miners have mined both ETH and ZEC. That also means same group of people who control the majority of new ZEC supply also control the majority of new ETH supply, and what that group of miners does with their coins is the fundamental force behind price.

Many of us, myself included, converted their ZEC to ETH as they mined it, and the selling pressure caused lower ZEC prices. But as miners, we’re all hoping to cash in on the next Bitcoin, so fear of missing out is a huge motivating factor in this group. When the ETH price increases dramatically, and it will, miners will have an opportunity to buy back their ZEC at significantly lower prices. This should cause a bit of a chain reaction amongst miners as they rush to buy back the ZEC they originally sold.


28 usd right now, where is it going to stop?

28 USD is still heavily overpriced, the downtrend will continues in a year or so. At the moment there is only 700k ZEC in circulation (assuming there is no exploit in Zcash crypto), next 3-4 years it’ll be 10.5 millions coins. Think about inflation rate.

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