Zcash miner box(big wood box for hardware installation)

Hi everyone,

I've made this wood box on a laser cutter to put my rig on it. The purpose of this box was to make it able
to put the hardware on the backyard of my apartment while at the same time having a good air flow but also
some protection for the air the comes from the sea.

This box will be completely sealed with a 5 mm foam on the bottom and a exhaust fan on the top, so i the end i hope to have a really good air flow inside the box. I made the box also to have enough space to two to 3 computers and up to 18 video cards.

I'm starting with 3 x xfx rx 480 8gb. I have other cards that i will try to sell to put one more rx 480.

how about the rain? what kind of protection you have against that ?

If water gets to it, it will be just spills, that's why i'm putting wood protector on it, i've already done first layer
and will pass the sand paper to go to second and then third layer.

I will also put some rubber on the four foots and a foam on bottom, so there is no risky of water getting in. Tomorrow i will do another video showing the progress and the exactly location where the box will be operating so you can get a better idea.