ZCASH on the New York Times

Nice to see:

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Its old old news…

But Snowden is PUMPING zCASH

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hey you guys think zcash is gong down to stay or what it plummeting fast

Supply is expanding dramatically, demand is not. Zcash will continue to drop until demand is driven by real uses/users (rather than speculators), though news coverage (and influential tweets) from time to time may juice its value with short term demand.

Those economics are pretty basic. As to when there will be real uses that will draw real users as consistently as the supply increase, that’s more like astrology. My magic 8 ball and I are bullish, but I’m mostly looking at 1-3 years out. In two weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised by a $30 price, and while I’m sure there is a floor, there’s no telling where it is.

nobody wants to pay for something that the next day could be -30% or +30% . Currently only trade junkies are using it for fast shorting so this is why the price isnt inscreasing only decreasing as the supply gets bigger and bigger, but once we have 1-2 mil coins price will stabilize at maybe XMR rate

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