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We have completed our first public test. During the test we issued our first ever pool payout transaction to a Sapling shielded address.

During the next days we will closely monitor our test users and if there we do not face any blocking issues we will announce the general availability of the feature this week!


Awesome @peter_zcash



We are very happy to announce full support for pool payouts to Sapling shielded addresses. In order to use this new feature simply use your Sapling shielded address as user name when connecting to our stratum servers.

Please note that due to the resources required for generating Sapling transactions payouts are currently limited to at most 1 payout per address and 24 hours.

If you encounter any issues with our payouts to Sapling addresses please create a ticket at our support portal.


Minimizing (decreasing) the payouts is actually quite useful when calculating things like taxes and stuff, Im for it!


You can always adjust your payment threshold accordingly (up to 10 ZEC) so that you receive your payouts in an interval that suits you best.